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● Bad Monkey – Apple TV; Season 1 Ep2-5-8 *Director – Marcos Siega, Colin Bucksey; Editor – Perri Frank* Written & Produced by Bill Lawrence. Starring Vince Vaughn, Alex Moffat, & Rob Delaney. (Assistant Editor)

Dexter: New Blood – Showtime Network; Season 1 Ep1-2-7-8 *Director – Marcos Siega; Editor – Perri Frank* Starring Michael C. Hall, Julia Jones, & Clancy Brown. (Assistant Editor)

● Hot Pink – Amazon Studios; Pilot Episode *Director – Desi Akhaven; Editor – Ian Bloom* Starring Nina Bloomgarden, Sarah Michelle Gellar, & David Arquette. (Assistant Editor)

How to Change Your Mind – Netflix Original Series; Season 1 *Jigsaw Productions* (Assistant Editor)

The Food That Built America – Television-History Channel; Season 2 *Lucky8 TV* (Editor)

●The Circus – Television-Showtime Network; Seasons 1,2, & 6 *LeftRight TV* (Editor & Assistant Editor)

Hawaii Life – Television-HGTV; Seasons 10,11,12,13, & 14 *LeftRight TV* (Editor)

● Island Life – Television-HGTV; Seasons 13,14,15,16,17,18,19, & 20 *LeftRight TV* (Editor)

● Caribbean Life – Television-HGTV; Seasons 15,16,17,18, & 19 *LeftRight TV* (Editor)

● Trumped: Inside the Greatest Political Upset – Television-Showtime Network Documentary; Premiered at 2017 Sundance Film Festival *LeftRight TV* (Additional Editor)

● Hair Goddess – Television-TLC Channel; 2017 *LeftRight TV* (Additional Editor)

● Hotel Impossible – Television-Travel Channel; Season 6 & 7 *Atlas Media* (Additional Editor & Graphics Editor)

● Human Resources – Television-Pivot; Season 1 & 2 *LeftRight TV* (Assistant Editor)

● Search for the Lost Giants – Television-History Channel; Season 1 *LeftRight TV* (First Assistant Editor & Graphics Editor)

● Stalked – Television-Investigation Discovery; 2014 *Atlas Media* (Assistant Editor)

● How to Survive the End of the World -Television-National Geographic; Season 1 *Atlas Media* (Lead Assistant Editor & Graphics Editor)

● Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened – Television Documentary; 2014 *Atlas Media*; Starring Stephen Sondheim, Harold Prince, and Terry Fin.(Assistant Editor)

Feature Films:

Sometime Other Than Now – Gravitas Ventures *Director – Dylan McCormick* Starring Donal Logue, Kate Walsh, & Amy Hargreaves. (Editor)

After Party – Gravitas Ventures *Director – Amos Posner* WINNER MADRID INT. FILM FESTIVAL Best Feature Comedy Starring Rachel Nichols, Laura Dreyfuss, & Steve Guttenberg. (Editor)

● A Different Sun – Gravitas Ventures *Director – Reed Tang* Starring Chin Han. (Additional Editor & Assistant Editor)

Amy Makes Three – Monolith Pictures *Director – Josh Sternfeld* Starring Torrey DeVitto, Mike Doyle, & Ursula Parker. (Editor)

Yes, Your Tide… – Myatin Filmworks *Director – Chris Malinowski* WINNER CHAIN NYC FEST. Best Original Idea; LONDON INT. FILM FEST. Best Feature Film. (Editor)

Crown Heights – Amazon Studios *Director – Matt Ruskin; Editor – Paul Greenhouse* WINNER SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL Audience Award; WINNER AAFCA Best Independent Film Starring Lakeith Stanfield, Bill Camp, & Brian Tyree Henry. (Assistant Editor)

11:55 Holyoke – Amazon Studios *Producer – Josh Blum; Editor – Ray Hubley* Starring Victor Almanzar, David Zayas, John Leguizamo, & Julia Stiles. (First Assistant Editor)

The Brooklyn Banker – Classified Pictures *Director – Federico Castelluccio; Editor – Ray Hubley* Starring Troy Garity, David Proval, & Paul Sorvino. (First Assistant Editor)

Freedom – ARC Entertainment *Director of Photography – Dean Cundey ASC; Editor – Ray Hubley* Starring Cuba Gooding Jr, William Sadler, & David Rasche. (Lead Assistant Editor)

● Affluenza – Lookbook Films *Director – Kevin Asch; Editor – Suzanne Spangler* Starring Gregg Sulkin, Nicola Peltz, Grant Gustin & Steve Guttenberg. (Assistant Editor)

The Word – Scarlet Sky Productions *Producer – Steve Grimaldi; Director – Greg Friedle* Starring Kevin O’Donnell, James Naughton, & Kelly AuCoin. (Additional Editor)

I’m Not Him – Scarlet Sky Productions *Director – Steve Grimaldi* Starring John Palladino, Annie Heise, & Kelly Deadmon. (Editor)

Short Films:

●The Collingwood “Jouissance” – Music Video; 2021 *WINNER Best Music Video Montreal Indy Film Fest. ’21*(Editor)

● The Collingwood “Confetti” – Music Video; 2021 *Selected in 2021 Venice Shorts Film Festival*(Editor)

● Mail’s Got You – Short; 2018 *Director- Amos Posner* Starring Tobias Segal and Josue Ledesma. (Editor)

● Peacekeepers – Short web series; 2014 *Director – Charlie Reeves* WINNER INDIEWIRE Project Of the Month ’14. WINNER INDIEFEST FILM AWARDS Original Series ’14. (Editor & Colorist)

● The Collingwood “White Deer” – Music Video; 2014 (Editor)