Colby Bartine is known for their editing and assistant editing work within both feature films and television. Graduating from Temple University film program out of Philadelphia where he started creating short films, commercials for local companies, and any feature work films that came through the city. Later moving to New York to pursue his work further, starting as a Digital Imaging Tech, moving up to Assistant Editor and shortly after that moving into an Editor position in both film and television.

Colby brings a positive attitude and his ambitious drive to each new job. His style is defined by the ability to effectively synthesize the artistic goals of the film with the technology of post-production. From working on-set, to producing the final cut, Colby Bartine is timely, and educated in all facets of the film industry. His professional experience within the field and positive outlook in all situations has enabled his success in creating great work. He looks for upcoming positions that match his desire for professional filmmaking where he can bring a high-caliber work ethic and creative thinking to all projects.